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Frost Park

Beautifully manicured lawns and gardens make Frost Park a great place to spend part of a leisurely summer afternoon.  Bring along a picnic lunch, or just sit and enjoy your surroundings. Originally known as 'Victoria Park,'  it was built on the site of a very old cemetery.  Stones which have been found over the years can be seen here and there on the lawns standing where they were discovered.

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
An interesting bit of History


Yarmouth at Night

A pleasant change for those from big cities - at night Yarmouth is a quiet place with streets safe enough for night-time strolls.  Pause in Frost Park and enjoy the soothing sounds of the sea, the night breeze in the trees, and the fountain's flow.


The Firefighter's Museum is located at 451 Main Street. 

The Yarmouth County Museum & Archives is located at 22 Collins Street. 

The Pelton-Fuller House is located at 20 Collins Street, next door the the Yarmouth County Museum.

The W. Laurence Sweeney Museum is located at 112 Water Street. 

The Killam Brothers Shipping Office - Canada's oldest shipping office - is located inside the Killam Brothers building at 90 Water Street. 

The Argyle Township Court House and Archives - Canada's Oldest Courthouse & Gaol  is located in Tusket, about ten minutes from Yarmouth.  An excellent resource for amateur and professional genealogists with much information and helpful staff.

There are several more museums and historical sites in the Yarmouth area, please feel free to ask us for information!

Cape Forchu

Home of the Yarmouth Light and spectacular scenery, this is a must-see destination for all visitors to Yarmouth.  Local tours will include a stop at the lighthouse, or you can get there on your own by car.  Plan to spend a good part of a morning or afternoon on this trip.


Home to the world's smallest working drawbridge, a featured destination for many sight-seers.

The Marble Lady of Chebogue

She can be found at the Chebogue Point cemetery, where many of Yarmouth's founding families are buried.

A note of special interest that the Marble Lady is a memorial to the wife of Dr. Frederick A. Webster.  See the Webster Room history for more family information.




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